2021 Special Edition: June 8 2021

Reedy Creek Times

Why are we forced to take P.E?

Why are we forced to take P.E? Honestly, I am a student that dislikes Physical Education classes. Let me explain why I feel this way.

If we are in 6th grade and new to middle school, we are

already running around the building trying to find our way and to not be late, and that causes students to be tired. For students like me -- P.E makes it worse. When you have it in the morning, you’re going to feel worn out all day, making it worse for both students and teachers. Students aren’t really learning when they're half-sleep and there’s no point for teachers to teach if they're half-sleep either.

Secondly, hygiene. After P.E most students are sweating and releasing odors that may be uncomfortable to others, this not only brings discomfort on the student but to everyone around!

During my classes, I asked other students in P.E and most said they also dislike P.E. It's like P.E is just a class that is graded in -- like math or science. I understand that there are students that do like P.E but there are others that don’t. In conclusion, I think that students should have the opportunity to say “no” to physical education classes. ____

Kamora boone

6th grade