2021 Special Edition: June 8 2021

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2021 Special Edition

PC gaming on a budget?

By: Tahan Choudhury

If you are a tech person like me, you know for a fact that PC gaming has suffered a big hit from covid-19 which has ravaged the world for almost two years. It has caused many technology-related things to go out of stock since there are trouble manufacturing devices with microchips in them. Those devices go from simple smart devices to cars which also need microchips in them. Also, GPU prices have been INSANE for the past year or so. So how can I play games on a PC in 2021?

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Let’s start now. I will be covering one of the many ways to get a gaming PC without spending thousands of dollars. The way you can game cheap is by using older office or school/institute desktop computers that usually will contain relatively powerful i5s like the i5 3470, and some can even have i7 4770Ks if you pay more for one. The pictures below are the computers that I recommend getting.

I recommend those since those are the most common and have more videos and articles about them. After getting one, you will see that they are somewhat slow in starting up. Don’t panic! Most of these computers have hard drives and you can click on the link to see how they work. Now, instead of a hard drive, you should get an SSD since they have up to 10x read speed and 20x faster write speed. On Amazon, there are many cheap SSDs around 28 to 40 dollars. You usually don’t need an SSD larger than 256 gigabytes since the hard drives included with the computer can store extra software that you don’t use all the time. And then the SSD will be used for booting windows and games and applications that you regularly use. Now that’s over we have to talk about RAM. These computers usually come with 8 gigabytes of RAM while some have 4 gigabytes or even 16! If it has 4 gigabytes of RAM you will need to upgrade it to at least 8 for lower-end fps games and Minecraft. Now the arguably most important and also the hardest component to get is the graphics card. These computers should come included with integrated graphics that are not good at all for gaming and are just good for getting a video output to a display, since most don’t even have the required drivers to load the game. I recommend going with a slightly older graphics card or just waiting for a few months. If you can’t wait I recommend AMD r9s or the like.

Now let’s talk power supplies—another vital component in a computer. In laptops, the power cord has an attached power supply. But most desktop computers have the power supply internally. Usually, with light upgrades you can use the stock OEM power supply but, for more powerful power supplies and lots of other accessories, there is more power draw from all the components. The videos at the bottom will have more information.

So in conclusion, that is pretty much it but, remember that some might need one or 2 proprietary connectors. Proprietary connectors can be found on Amazon and since it is popular to do this there is a lot of support on YouTube and other platforms. The total cost of this build will be from around 220 dollars to 300 dollars. But keep in mind that this is not including a monitor, headset, keyboard, or mouse even though some of them may come with the computer. Also, keep in mind that prices fluctuate all the time, and many components can easily go out of stock. So, this is just a cheap way to get into PC gaming.

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